Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have insurance?

Yes, our trucks are covered for Fire, Overturning, Collision and Theft. We also have Public liability.

What other insurance do i need?

We normally recommend checking with your current home and contents insurance to see if your already covered, otherwise there is Australian removals Insurance

What happens if something is damaged?

While we endeavour to transport items securely and safely – sometimes damages will occur, if this happens simply ask the driver to make a note on the paperwork on the day, make sure you have paid your invoice in full, email us before and after photos and or video of damages along with a description and any other relevant comments. We will then review this and get back to you to discuss as soon as possible.
NOTE: Sometimes things just aren’t meant to travel such as assemble flat packed items, poorly constructed items, poor craftsmanship, aged furniture etc. no matter how careful you are
(The vehicles utilised to complete your removal are covered for Fire, Collision and Overturn insurance to the value of $250,000.00 but if additional insurance is required it can be arranged through your current contents insurer or we use and recommend Allianz Insurance

Is there anything you don't move?

Pets /Animals, Fire arms, Flammable gas and/or liquids, petrol, paints, toxic substances. Basically anything that puts anyone’s health at risk or that can cause damage to property.

Do you wrap the furniture?

Yes, we have quilted cotton furniture blankets that we use to help protect your items in transit.

Do we need to bubble wrap things?

It isn’t necessary but if you do decide to use bubble wrap or any other packaging to help protect your belongings please makes sure it firmly packaged and not loose.

Do you disassemble and assemble?

Yes, we offer a disassembly and reassembly service.

Is there anything I need to do before you arrive?

Make sure there is plenty of parking for the truck, you will need to check for low branches and power or phone lines. Make sure there is a clear pathway inside and out for moving your belonging, remove all trip hazards such as hose, kids toys, free standing pots or vases and  hanging pictures.

Do you move pianos?

Yes, we are able to move upright pianos that are on ground floor with a few steps, for anything else a piano removalist may be required.

How often are your delivery runs?

We have weekly delivery runs starting from Melbourne.

What areas do you cover?

We are able to cover most areas within a 250km radius of Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney and along the Hume Highway. NSW South Coast as far as Nowra, NSW Central Coast, NSW Central West as far as Bathurst.

Do you do small moves?

Yes the majority of our jobs are small moves and one off item bought online either new or used.

Do you take rubbish away?

Yes we can remove and take away packaging.

How much notice do you need?

The more notice the better, it is preferred a minimum of 48 hours notice so we can plan our runs and times to notify customers. Less then 48 hours notice will need to be confirmed if we are able to fit into our schedule or if  we have space. Sometimes we are available at short notice on the day – so don’t be afraid to call us on the day if your urgent situation requires it.

Do you do local moves?

Our primary focus is interstate furniture deliveries and removals between Victoria, Canberra and NSW.

Do you deliver to other States?

Yes, we can also cover SA and QLD just not on a regular basis.

Will my belonging be transferred between trucks or depots?

Once loaded, your belongings will stay there until delivered unless previously notified.

Will you contract out my job?

The majority of our moves and furniture deliveries are completed by us. There are times when we will use a trusted third party to either collect or deliver on our behalf which is usually due to a conflict of timing but this is always communicated with the customer and we only use selected trusted third parties.

How long will it take to get my belongings/order delivered?

Generally speaking most deliveries are delivered within 24 hours of collection, sometimes even on the same day.

I need a specific day and/or time for delivery, is this something you can do?

In this case we will usually use one of our third parties to either collect and/or deliver.

Can I leave stuff outside for pick up and/or delivery?

As long as we have an email authorising us with clear instructions. Also include what and where it is and how many items.

Do you supply boxes and packing materials?

We do usually have a supply of Queen size mattress protectors but we do not currently keep boxes and packaging on hand, these are acquired as needed.

Will the price change?

The only time your price will change is if we encounter something we were not made aware of. This includes but not limited to long walks, stairs, extra items, excess space used in the truck, waiting time, redelivery charges not previously discussed.

How do you charge?

There are many factors we take into consideration when we quote our jobs. The main charge is based on cubic meters, this is the volume of space your belongings will use on the truck which can be different to what your belonging actually measure. Why is it different? The space used on the truck also includes void space, space that cant be filled with anything else.

Can I help the removalist?

Help is always appreciated but not required, its better to work with someone you are used to rather then someone your not. We don’t want you pulling a muscle and certainly don’t our muscles being pulled and twisted. Customers are not allowed on the truck but you can help by bringing stuff to a central location such as the garage etc.

Do you move antiques?

Yes, we have moved many antiques over the years.

Do you have a tailgate lifter?

No, we do not currently have a tailgate lifter we use a ramp for accessing the back of the truck.

What times do you work?

We can start as early as 6am and will deliver as late 10pm.

What are your office hours?

Phil is an owner driver and can be contacted most times either with a call, text or email.

I'm expecting a delivery or pickup, when will I get notified before collection or delivery?

We will send out a text message the day before, on the day to let you know we are on the way and 2-3 hour time frame of arrival.

What payments do you accept?

Cash, electronic funds transfer, card (mobile eftpos) and PayPal. No Cheques.

When is payment expected?

Payment should be made no later then delivery, if paying via funds transfer allow up to 48hrs for funds to clear.

Can we leave things in the fridge/drawers/Bedside table/Cupboards/File cabinet?

It is best to empty all fridges, cupboards, wardrobes, drawers, bedsides table, Cupboards, file cabinets etc

Will my delivery be placed in the room I need it to be in?

Yes, the only time this could be an issue is if we haven’t been told about stairs or we’ve been instructed to do so by who ever is paying the bill.

Do you charge extra for stairs?

We don’t charge any extra surcharges for stairs but they do add some time to the move, so it does cost more in the extra time spent managing them. One way to really reduce this extra time is to minimise the amount of small fiddly gear that have to travel via the stairs. These items include bags, baskets, small picture frames, boxes and any other similar type of items.