Tips for a Smooth Interstate Move

Moving interstate can involve a lot of organising, logistics, and difficulty. At Phil’s Furniture Freighters we are expert interstate removalists in Melbourne, and have found that there are some simple ways to make moving interstate seamless, stress-free and smooth sailing! Here are our tips:

  • Make Checklists

Make lists of everything you need to pack and do.

  • Work through Your List and Make Sure You Do not Miss Anything!

Continually update your list.

  • Buy Cartons and Boxes

As interstate removalists Melbourne to Sydney, we have packing boxes available.

  • Organise Storage if Appropriate

If you are storing furniture or other items, organise storage facilities well in advance.

  • Forward Your Services in Advance

Organise your electricity, internet, phone, gas and any other services ahead of time.

  • Organise Your Furniture Removalists to Pack for You

Our interstate removalists in Melbourne can professionally pack up your belongings. We have the best equipment and packaging to do this, as well as expert knowledge.

If you are packing yourself, carefully pack your valuable items and wrap them carefully taking extra care.

  • Take A Box with You of Essentials

We suggest you pack the items that will be required urgently at your new home and label them. For example, medications and important paperwork such as real estate contracts and banking details. Things that you will need to be online. Likewise, pack and label a box containing toilet paper, tissues, soap and other essentials that you will need as soon as you get to your new address.

  • Redirect Your Mail

This can be done online with Australia Post.

  • Change All of Your Addresses

This includes the electoral office, your home and mobile phone, electricity account, driver’s license, motor vehicle registration and more.

  • Unpack your Refrigerator and Food

You will need your fridge up until the last minute. Allow ample time for it to defrost, and unpack your food on the day of the move. Your interstate removalists in Melbourne will provide ample padding and pack to move your fridge securely.

A little organising before moving interstate can ensure that the move to your new home runs smoothly! For professional furniture, removal contacts us at Phil’s Furniture Freighters, interstate removalists Melbourne to Sydney.

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