Tips for Moving House Effectively

Moving house is a time of extreme workload. The organization is the key to keeping sane while you pack, work, organize the kids and pets, transfer your essential services and deal with real estate agents. Having over 27 years of experience as furniture removalists in multiple locations across Australia, we have found that there are some key things you can do to reduce stress and move house efficiently.

Label Your Boxes   

Label your boxes with the name of the room on them that they are going into, and also what they contain. For example – Kitchen, crockery. The box can then be put directly in the room that it is intended for and you will not need to search through every box to find your coffee cups!

Start Packing Early

Leaving things to the last minute can create stress and disorganization. Start packing several weeks before you move. You will find that you can pack many items that are not essential for day to day use.

Book Your Removalist Ahead of Time

Quality furniture removalists are in demand. When organizing furniture removals in Bundoora and South Morang areas, we at Phil’s Furniture Freighters can become booked out. We recommend booking us as soon as you have your move date.

Know Where Your Paperwork is

Always know where your important paperwork is when you move. Car registration, mortgages, electricity accounts and land titles need to be protected and stored carefully. You will need easy access to them as soon as you move, and you certainly do not want to lose them while moving.

Declutter Beforehand

Decluttering before the move will mean that you have less to move!  You will also not be taking unnecessary items with you, ensuring that you have a new clutter free start in your new home.

Have Clear Instructions for Your Removalists

As expert removalists in the south Morang and Bundoora areas, we appreciate clear instructions and where you want everything put in your new home will allow us to move you more efficiently. This will save you time, money and stress!

A little planning can ensure that when you move house in Melbourne or interstate, it will go smoothly and effortlessly. For expert furniture removals in the Bundoora and South Morang areas contact us at Phil’s Furniture Freighters.

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