Retail & Wholesale Furniture Removals in Melbourne’s Northern Suburb

Retailers/Wholesalers Delivery Services

We offer a host of services to take the pressure off delivering retail goods and furniture for your business including:

  • Local & Interstate Furniture deliveries
  • Bulk transportation
  • All backed by highly experienced removalists

Retail deliveries must be performed with the utmost care and consideration to avoid damage to high-value items such as furniture and stock. These items can often be heavy and large and require expertise to relocate from one place to another. Our skilled team can help you achieve this successfully. Let the experienced removalists at Phil’s Furniture Freighters minimize the stress so you can focus on your business. Located in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne, we also offer our removal services in & around Bundoora & South Morang suburbs.

Contact our team of professional removalists today or get your no-obligation quote online for your retail or wholesale business’ delivery.

Interior decorators, wholesalers and retailers for all your local and interstate deliveries enquire here.

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