List of Possible Precautions Your Removal Company Takes to Protect Your Valuable Items

It is a big job to move everything to another home. Besides packing and removing your furniture, there are addresses to change, possibly kids’ schools to organise, pets to re-accommodate and more. When you hire our removalists in South Morang Melbourne, you can rest assured that your valuable items are protected in the move. Here are some possible precautions that removal companies take:

Protective Blankets

Your equipment and furniture are wrapped in protective blankets. This prevents items being damaged or scratched.

Expertise in Moving

Removalists have special equipment to make heavy lifting easy and to avoid injury. Back strain often occurs when people try to move their furniture - and do not have the experience or training. As professional removalists in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs, Phil’s Furniture knows how to move items correctly and safely.

Rest assured we have the correct equipment to move you expertly. For example, we have special giant rubber bands which we wrap around items to stop them opening or closing as we move.

All Items Are Attached to The Removal Truck

Everything including your kitchen table and chairs, heavy furniture and other items are secured to the truck. When you use our professional removalists in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs, your items are protected from bumping and colliding while in transit.

Hiring a reputable professional removal company means that your valuable items arrive safely. They are expertly moved, wrapped and packed, and secured safely to the moving van. Not only do your items arrive safely at your new home, but you also do not risk injury by trying to move them yourself without correct moving knowledge or training.

Contact us when looking for removalists in South Morang and Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs. We will ensure that your valuable items arrive safely!

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